• It is the last quarter of 2021 and time to know which may be the best cryptocurrencies in 2022
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum serve different purposes. Both can see further adoption in 2022
  • ADA and Axie Infinity bring unique aspects to the world of blockchain and are an interesting watch



The year 2021 has so far been a mixed bag for cryptocurrencies. It was the year when Bitcoin touched a new high of nearly US$65,000. This was followed by a crash and Bitcoin lost almost half of its value.

But the crypto world is not about Bitcoin alone. The most important term is ‘decentralizationdecentralization’. With the best use of underlying blockchain technology, new platforms with their own native tokens are emerging. These are trying to weed out the role of intermediaries and centralized authorities from finance.

Published on: 7/3/22, 4:17 PM

Top Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and others: Bitcoin is still down about 30 percent so far this month while rival cryptocurrency Ether is about 42 percent below its record. However, overall volume in the crypto market has been affected, analysts say.

Significant digital forms of money including Bitcoin and Ether surrendered their benefits on Thursday as natural concerns rose because of digital currency mining. Iran put a sweeping restriction on cryptographic money digging for the following four months as inescapable blackouts blended public disappointment the nation over.

Published on: 8/28/21, 7:36 PM

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Published on: 7/25/20, 11:44 AM